Luke is an experienced and sophisticated arranger and composer. With fun and musically interesting tunes that are engaging for both audience and performer, Luke’s arrangements are the perfect addition to your ensemble’s repertoire.

Luke’s arrangements are fun, challenging, professionally scored and fully customisable for your choir or ensemble. Luke provides arrangements of all skill levels and ability, in a format that suits you. Luke can also provide learning tracks of the arrangement as a learning resource.

Luke’s music has been performed around Australia and overseas with commissions ranging from simple choral arrangements to orchestral works and film scores.

To get started on your arrangement, or to commission a new work, hit the button below. You can also view Luke’s current arrangement list here.


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Q. How much will an arrangement cost?

A. An arrangement’s cost will vary depending on complexity, the number of parts required and how long overall it takes to complete. There is always negotiation available however, so get in touch with Luke for a rough quote.

Q. What kind of quality should i expect?

A. Luke’s Arranging offers ‘store bought’ quality with publishable scores, that can be customised for you with different notation styles, cover page etc.

Q. Can I see examples of Luke’s work?

A. Yes, there are samples of Luke’s arrangements both in performance, and some sample scores available below.

Q. What if the arrangement I purchase or commission is not what I am expecting, or not up to the standard that I expected?

A. Luke offers your money back if the arrangement isn’t up to scratch, and also is able to adapt to changes that you may require. 

As my business Suade Entertainment grows, Luke has become my go to man for vocal arrangements. He understands both male and female voices well, and can deliver fast, accurate, and musical scores quicker than anyone I know. He is generous and open to changes, and can deliver updated copies as fast as I can think of new problems. The speed at which he can deliver completed scores makes him a far better option than doing them myself.