Luke’s Learning Tracks provide the singer with the aural tools to learn their part quickly, develop a sense of style and rhythm and a way to practice effectively outside of rehearsal time.

Luke offers composite and individual voice tracks, with and without musical accompaniment. This includes variable sound file formats (MP3, OGG, WAV, AIIF, M4A) and the choice of vocal lines solo and with any combination of parts. Luke also provides piano and guitar backings for the learning tracks (MIDI or MP3 file required).

Luke also offers premium recording services for your ensemble. Luke is available as a recording artist and producer, and can also offer mixing and editing services.His recordings have been the winners of Aus Aca Play Awards ‘Best Pop Song’, ‘Best Non Scholastic Arrangement’ and ‘Best Female Vocalist’. Luke has worked on three studio albums, and his recordings have appeared on compilation albums across the globe.

To order your learning track now please contact to get started or check out the examples of Tracks and recorded music below.